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What lies beneath the moon-grey barn stretched high and wide upon this croft of beech?
Is it cattle or fowl that shuffles beneath its arc or, as name suggests, expanse of golden sand brushed hither & thither by salty, ocean fingers?
No farmer's stock or nation's coast resides behind that great, stone wall but maidens, boys and men, falling and jumping like hares in full rapture at spring-time.
What holds these citizens in such energetic distraction?

Verily, it is volleyball.

Date Title Venue City
06 Feb 2010
11:30 AM
Men's First vs Wessex (Cup) Ernest Bevin College London
20 Feb 2010
15:00 PM
Men's First vs City of Bristol Ernest Bevin College London
20 Mar 2010
13:30 PM
Women's First vs Leeds Ernest Bevin College London
20 Mar 2010
15:30 PM
Men's First vs Cambridge Ernest Bevin College London
10 Apr 2010
13:30 PM
Women's First vs Swiss Cottage Ernest Bevin College London

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