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Malory Eagles volleyball club

Malory Eagles
Super 8s

Ernest Bevin College
Saturday 27 November 2010

vs London Lynx

The early winter chill failed to cool Malory's returning fire in this penultimate league match of the year. The champions took just over an hour dispatching Lynx to their East London habitat; the 25-11, 25-19, 25-19 scoreline bearing testimony to a comfortable Eagles win.

An immediate side-out for Malory at the start of set one began the assault on Lynx's defence. Intelligent serving from veteran Alex Bialokoz was backed by searing attacks from the fast arm of captain Luciano Pinter and assured blocking by Dan Westphal in the middle. Malory were able to chalk up 7 before allowing their visitors to steal a point. The one-way traffic continued with Lynx only able to take single points before relinquishing serve and initiative to the Eagles. A second serving run from Bialokoz was followed by a set of blistering outside attacks from high-hitting Darius Setsoafia and consistent probing from newbie Tom Lord. Lynx were just able to reach double figures before Malory claimed the set.

Lynx grasped the lead in set two, challenging their hosts block and defence for the first time. Confidently, Eagles suppressed the best of Lynx's fire before unleashing another attacking onslaught with Lord and Pinter consistently finding holes in which to ground their attacks. Turning the tables at 15-14, Malory continued to dominate offensively and defensively, leaving little doubt that they would take the second set.

A dispirited Lynx emerged for set three and although able to stay in range on points, the result was delayed rather than truly questioned. After just 65 minutes, Malory were off to the dressing room celebrating their second league win after October's drought.

Coach Jefferson Williams was pleased; “We defended really well as a team and the energy and spirit was very good. The recent trip to Newcastle might have helped the guys to bond a bit...these long trips have a way of doing that.”

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