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Malory Eagles volleyball club

Malory Eagles
Super 8s

Ernest Bevin College
Saturday 30 October 2010

vs Sheffield

After a start delayed slightly by the over-running women's game, Sheffield quickly established a 4/5 point lead which they maintained to the end of set one. Malory's attack appeared blunted with neither Darius Setsoafia or Luciano Pinter able to penetrate the Sheffield block effectively. Malory were also unable to open up their middle leaving them with few answers to Sheffield's consistent attack.

Although Malory drew first blood in set two, Sheffield established a similar pattern, blocking out the key Eagles attackers and evading the Malory defense at will. As with set one, the visitors took the set 25 - 21.

Coach Jefferson Williams started the third with second setter Daniele Di Bella but play maker and attackers still struggled to challenge the Sheffield block. When Ashley Trodden returned at 9-18, the set (and match) was already effectively lost.

With three straight defeats, October 2010 is a month that the Eagles will want to quickly forget.

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