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Malory Eagles volleyball club

Match Organisation

-3 weeks
[Team Mgr] Book/confirm referees, scorer
[Competition] Create web site event for match/es
[Team Mgr] Confirm match to opposition & officials (email document & web site link)

-2 weeks
[Competition] Update event page
[Marketing] Promote match

-1 week
[Membership] Arrange line judges/scorer
[Team Mgr] Get opposition roster
[Membership] Allocate Court Manager
[Marketing] Prepare programme

-3 days
[Team Mgr] Agree food rota
[Marketing] Print programme

On the Day
[Court Mgr] Confirm officials in attendance
[Court Mgr] Prepare court & seating
[Court Mgr] Position/check equipment (paddles, buzzer, scoreboard/sheet)
[Court Mgr] Prepare ice box
[Team Mgr] Hand over registration cards
[Court Mgr] Lay out post-match refreshments
[Captain] Scoresheet picture to Competition, Marketing & Membership
[Competition] SMS result to VE
[Team Mgr] Pay officials

Post Match
[Team Mgr] Send scoresheet to VE
[Marketing] Match report to SLP


Our Vision
We are a group of people, enjoying volleyball together and seeking to achieve our best as players, coaches, officials and supporters.

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